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Since being Polish myself, living in the UK for 8 years now, I decided to interpret and help other Polish people learn to speak English.

When teaching Polish people I focus on speaking in the English language because people coming to the UK find it most difficult to communicate. Even after spending a few years in this country they still lack the ability to express themselves in the way they want to. However, the benefit of having a Polish teacher of English is that everything can always be explained in student’s native tongue.

Each person will have a student book together with an exercise book tailored to their needs and language level. Additionally, everyone will be advised to present their own ideas about what they would like to learn, e.g. what to say in a particular everyday situation.

​Although it is essential that students learn at home and do their homework on top of attending classes, I will do my best to make everyone feel that each class helps them understand English better.


​£25/45 minutes
£17/30 minutes
£9/15 minutes
Book a full language course and save!

30 classes x 45 minutes = £600 (20% discount)
10 classes × 45 minutes = £225 (10% discount)


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